July 5, 2012

...Something Blue

It's been a while since a wedding post! Today, I thought I would tackle "Something Blue," which, as it turns out, is not a problem at all in my case. B got me an engagement ring with sapphires on the sides, my earrings are blue (shhhhh, he doesn't know yet!), and, of course, B will be wearing dress blues. (I asked around, though, and apparently the groom in dress blues is not allowed to be the Something Blue. Pfft.)

We've all seen the decals for the bottom of the shoes ("I do" in cursive), but what about something a little bit different? It turns out that brides from all over the internet have tackled just this problem!

This one, for instance, painted her ring finger. If that seems too "out there" for you, what about a gorgeous blue pedicure under peep-toe shoes? (You know me, I'm all for kicky shoes. And the bridesmaid that is reading this should close the e-bay window and remember that the shoes she already has are GREAT for the wedding. Yes, you.)

 This bride carried a blue-and-white bouquet with bluebells and other (naturally! Not carnations in colored water!) blue flowers. And it was gorgeous. (Photo originally found here.)

You could wear a blue dress - yes, that's right! Not your bridesmaids, you. There are plenty of dresses that range from a touch of blue to deep blue, very flowy and gorgeous. Some of them are perhaps more appropriate for an outside/beach wedding, but you could always sew up the thigh-high part, there!

And just to wander back to the shoes concept briefly, consider wearing blue shoes! Wonderful, wonderful blue shoes! I would personally go with something a little lower than these, but hey, what do I know? In any case, you have a LOT to choose from - baby blue, aqua, teal, prussian blue...

 If blue shoes aren't your thing, consider a blue veil, or a blue accent on your veil! There are lots of ways to go on this one, including the ever-awesome fascinator...

And of course, there is always the option of having your undergarments be blue... No pictures of that, though!

Any more ideas? Thoughts? Questions? Leave a comment!

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  1. You tell me to close the eBay window, and then post a pic of a WHOLE LOAD of blue shoes to choose from. My willpower is only so much... :D

    I think the blue fascinator is a brilliant idea, but you'd have to have it match the blue of B's outfit. Otherwise, I think it would look odd.